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Fraudulent telephone spam scam using Edinburgh telephone numbers.

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Editorial Staff

The voice sounds vaguely Scandinavian. It claims to represent "Capital Loan."

But the calls come at the same time each day, always from a number that purports to be in Edinburgh.

Here's a list of numbers that the authorities should investigate, that OFCOM should block and that you should ban from your telephone systems. If you get more, let us know and we'll add them.

Edinburgh telephone numbers begin 0131 . On many displays they will show up with the full outgoing international number: that starts 00 44

These, then, are the numbers that we have collected within the past few days:

00 44 131 474 1719
00 44 131 908 7838
00 44 131 117 6661

The numbers are not identified in reverse look up. Also, they do not feature in search engines which means they are unlikely to be attached to any business with a website.

We were unable to find a business called Capital Loans in Edinburgh. There is, however, a legitimate company called Capital Credit Union. That company's telephone numbers are in Edinburgh but are not otherwise similar to those of the fraudsters.

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