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Hong Kong's financial regulator finds fraudulent website with Chinese characters in its name.

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The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has identified a website which it says is fraudulent and a fake of a real bank's online presence. Of itself, that's not especially rare. But this one is different: the name of the site is in Chinese characters and there aren't very many of them around.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)has drawn attention to a fraudulent website with the domain name "www.????.biz". The website looks similar to the official website of Wing Lung Bank Limited (Wing Lung Bank).

Wing Lung Bank has clarified that it has no connection with the fraudulent website.

The use of non-Roman characters in website names remains unusual but fraudsters, often early adopters, are obviously on this bandwagon ahead of most legitimate companies.

Concerns were raised as to the risk that legitimate businesses faced when multiple character sets were made available. Mostly, those concerns centred on IP risk but, as the HKMA investigation has shown, the fraud risk is potentially much more widespread.

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