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The return of the good, old fashioned, pump and dump

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Hello, old friend.

It's been a while.

We've been deluged with crypto-currency spam-scams, endless GDPR "experts" in a field that is so new half the people still type GPDR, the return of low interest mortgage scams, the precursor to housing loan crises, and of course offers to participate (many are stupid and say "partake") in a range of advance fee frauds using one hook or another to say nothing of the massing of the barbarians at the gates of several banks for phishing.

Your speciality of the good, old fashioned pump and dump is a refreshing return to what we hold most dear - and look, you've gone all high-tech with your own fake PR company, a dedicated domain name and all. I'm impressed and am so happy to hear from you, I'm going to tell all my friends.

And, of course, I'd willingly pay for the report you so kindly offer to send to me free. I'm so pleased to see that you're pumping a London-based Micro-Cap that doesn't even have a main board listing yet: it's so innovative of you to transfer the long-standing Pink Sheets style fraud over the pond to the relatively under-served UK market. Not that NEX is anywhere near as "wild west" as the Pink Sheets were when they provided the original opportunity for pump and dump marketed and conducted over the internet.

I'm impressed by your leadership and hope that your initiative bears fruit before all your competitors realise there's a marketing opportunity in a near-virgin market that, usually, sees market manipulation by the far more expensive method of boiler rooms or the, today more risky, use of insider trading.

Thanks for the information: I'll get right on it, as the Americans say.

Thanks again.

Writing from the address mediaroom@miningmediagroup.com, we are told

"LONDON - £2.2 Billion in Metals + £27 Million Corp = Opportunity

The Bull Market for metals & mining is on... and one undervalued company is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of it:

NQ Minerals PLC trading as  NQMI - NEX Exchange, London

Over £2.2 Billion in contained metals is waiting to be produced at NQ Minerals' recently-acquired Hellyer Mine in Tasmania, Australia. Full mine infrastructure is in-place with the Hellyer Mines' production mill currently being refurbished and modernized. Full production of gold, zinc, silver and lead is expected to commence in Q3 of this year. 

NQMI has strong potential for significant short, medium and long-term gains. We invite you to consider NQ Minerals as a valuable addition to your investment portfolio. As part of your due diligence process, we'd like to offer you a free special report on the company by financial newsletter The Venture Letter http://theventureletter.com/wp....


Please click here http://theventureletter.com/wp... for a free copy of The Venture Letter's special report on NQ Minerals PLC

We are closely following NQ Minerals. We see this company's share price as undervalued with the potential to increase significantly in the months and years to come. Company Executive Director Roger Jackson discusses this in a recent interview at the London Mines & Money Conference. Please click the below image to watch Roger's interview with Core Finance:

Please click the image http://www.nqminerals.com/matt... to the right to watch Executive Director Roger Jackson's interview at the London Mines & Money Show


NQ Minerals has plans to list on the London Stock Exchange's AIM Markets as soon as possible, expected this Spring. This listing will open the door to increased investment from high net worths, brokerage houses and large institutional groups. Now is a good time to consider beating the crowd...

Visit NQ Minerals' website HERE http://www.nqminerals.com

Any questions can be emailed to the company's investor relations team at invest mailto:invest@nqminerals.com?s...@nqminerals.com mailto:kris@nqminerals.com?sub....

We wish you the very best in your pursuits!


The Mining Media Group

London, UK

www.miningmediagroup.com http://www.miningmediagroup.com

Aw, bless, as they say in London.

CAVEAT: such schemes are rarely with the prior knowledge or consent of the target company which is almost always entirely innocent of involvement and in such cases is a victim of a market manipulation scheme. This report does not make or imply any criticism of the target company nor suggestion that it is in any way involved in the scheme. The NEX exchange is a legal, legitimate, UK regulated market aimed at early-stage and small-cap companies, many of which fit the profile of companies that pump and dumpsters target.