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Aston on the bonnet, Toyota underneath.

Editorial Staff

If your Aston Martin Vantage is too fuel-thirsty for that trip to the shops, or the school run when it never warms up, or if it's too big to thread through the city or those ever-closer pillars in car parks, there's a solution.

If you ever see what you think is a Toyota iQ with a bumper sticker that says "My other' car's also an Aston Martin," look up. The chances are that the badge on the tailgate is the famous flying wings.

For Aston Martin have announced a deal to modify the iQ, and sell their modified versions only to existing Aston customers.

In the clay, the Aston front sits well in the micro-car that will be called "Cygnet."

But the cars are not ready for launch: Aston is re-working the insides but doing surprisingly little to the underpinnings of the iQ which has already won many awards - but not a lot of sales.