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Bentley's "stop me and buy one" parts roadshow

Editorial Staff

At first sight, it's a weird idea - but on closer inspection, it's a model that other small-scale manufacturers might usefully follow in export markets: Bentley (and Crewe-build Rolls-Royce) owners in the USA are being treated to a touring parts and accessories display.

More than 1,000 "heritage" parts and accessories have been shipped from the UK the USA so that owners of the cars (including Rolls-Royce from 1955-2002) can buy a range of specialist, ‘hard-to-find’ parts as well as useful accessories direct from the British company.

Steve O’Hara, Director for After-Sales, Bentley Motors Limited, Crewe says that the decision to launch the Heritage Roadshow was inspired by the incredibly positive reaction from American owners when Bentley briefly opened the doors of its vast parts and accessories facility in Crewe last year. Mr. O’Hara adds:

“We received a flood of e-mail and telephone enquiries last year as well as several visitors from the United States, who flew in just to attend the Parts Warehouse open day. Nearly 80 per cent of all the Bentleys ever built are still in existence. In many cases these classic cars are still being driven and enjoyed, rather than living in museums and our task is to continue to provide the service and parts they need.”

The 1,000-strong consignment of parts and accessories includes everything from true heavyweight items like complete V8 engine blocks right through to pristine owner manuals (printed to US specifications) which are offered in original, branded wrapping. All the parts on the Heritage Roadshow are supported by a three-year manufacturer guarantee if fitted by an approved Bentley dealership.

And if an owner needs a part that isn't on the bandwagon, specialist Bentley staff will identify it and order it from the seven million odds bits and pieces they didn't take with them.