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England and Wales: defamation claims by companies.

Editorial Staff

Buried in a long and complicated judgment there is a short and simple answer to the question "can a company sue for defamation?"

Here it is.

"As regards defamation claims by companies, a corporation which trades for profit may bring an action for defamation in respect of the publication of defamatory matter which
affects its business or trading reputation. A corporation cannot be injured in its feelings and at common law. A company can only sue in respect of imputation that caused
damage to its trading or business reputation and liable to cause it financial loss. Additionally, companies must now meet the requirements of s.1(2) Defamation Act 2013."

The Honourable Mr Justice Nicklin


Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Limited – Claimant


(1) Tom Burgis

(2) HarperCollins Publishers Limited – Defendants

Source: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-co...

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