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Goodbye dodgy TLDs

Nigel Morris-Co...

That's it. We've had enough. Until internet domain name registrars start to adopt responsible practices over who they sell domains to, especially the plethora of top level domains that criminals habitually use for the nefarious activities, it's time to block them entirely.

Server level filtering of e-mails means that companies can prevent mail from any domain (domain.tld) or Top Level Domain (that's the tld bit in the example) and it's time that victims fought back.

It's surprisingly easy.

New plan: set up Group-wide auto-destruction with the following auto-response.

"Due to the use of the TLD .cyou by fraudsters, all mail from any domain within that TLD is now barred from our servers and destroyed undelivered and unread at the perimeter."

There are other TLDs that are facing similar treatment.

It's getting close to doing this for hotmail which has become the most prevalent source of spam hitting our servers in the past few weeks. If the pattern we have seen in the past is followed, that will soon change to exchange.com.

So, to my many, many followers on social media: Ii we all do this, and encourage everyone we know to do it, maybe we can force registrars, email hosts and identity-shielding service providers to vet their customers before inflicting them on the rest of us: genuine customers aren't likely to buy domains that tens of thousands, or more, block.

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