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Let us take care of your reputation, says a form spammer. No, let us take care of yours, say us.

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The form says don't complete it for your own marketing. You didn't read it or you decided to ignore it anyway.

The form spam says "Salutation: Miss
Your Christian or first name: Zita
Your surname: Zita Gruner
Your e-mail address: info@repwarn.rocks
Your company: Repwarn.Rocks
Your company's business area: Repwarn.Rocks
Country: Tunisia
Which business area are you enquiring about? : Nigel Morris-Cotterill -
seminars / speaker / media enquiry
Your enquiry:

My name is Zita Gruner from Repwarn.Rocks
Do you know when someone talks bad about you or your business?
Monitor your online reputation with this new tool.
Auto-check the web, social mdia and your competitors in real-time.
Check it out now at [link redacted]
It takes years to build a good reputation and only minutes to destroy it.
Can you afford to let it happen?
Take action now.
Best Regards
Zita Gruner

And then there is the ultimate piece of silliness: "If you wish no further communication you can unsubscribe at " and there's a link, like you would see in an e-mail. But, of course, this wasn't in a-mail. It was an enquiry form - for people to enquire as to our Group services.

The spammer was at IP address .

So there. Reputation taken care of.

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