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NewGM to honour existing warranties

Editorial Staff

GM has issued the following statement:" There will be no interruptions in GM’s ability to take care of our customers and honor customer programs, warranties and provide replacement parts."

The company formerly known as General Motors Corporation (and now known as Motors Liquidation Company) has transferred "substantially all" of its assets to a new company - called General Motors Company." But some carefully selected liabilities will go along with them.

"In fact, GM has asked the court for specific orders authorising GM to honour customer warranties and programs as it always has. You should have total confidence that:

• Our products are safe and sound;
• We will honour your existing warranty;
• GM dealers will have the same access to replacement parts as they always have;
• Customers of discontinued brands or dealerships that have closed as part of GM’s viability initiative will continue to be supported by other GM dealerships;
• Customer promotions and incentives will continue without interruption
;• You do not need to do anything differently regarding your warranty;
• There is no impact on OnStar service; your OnStar subscription will remain in place
• GM continues to have a nation-wide network of Goodwrench technicians trained to perform maintenance and repairs on your GM vehicle"