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Rolls-Royce recalled over BMW components

Editorial Staff

Rolls-Royce used to make just a few cars each month. Then BMW bought the company, moved production away from its home in Crewe and started what amounts, for the niche manufacturer, mass production. Now they want owners of almost 6,000 cars to bring them back as a global recall affects more than 350,000 BMW and Rolls-Royce cars that share a braking system.

Just under 200,000 vehicles are being recalled in the USA for a brake problem that is "without danger." In a carefully - and bizarrely - worded statement, BMW says that the braking systems might become "slightly more difficult to use" after a long period of use. What constitutes a "long period of use" is at this point unclear.

The recall affects 5,6 and 7 Series BMWs and Rolls-Royces. In the case of the BMWs, it's the models with V8 and v12 engines.

The news is hot on the tail of an announcement that BMW is to supply engines to SAAB - luckily 4 cylinder engines with special fuel-saving technologies.