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Spectacular marketing failure

Editorial Staff

You'd think that marketing people that make specific assertions in their material would ensure that those assertions are true.

Meet PapaWP which uses a .org address (it's not an "organisation" in the sense that .org addresses are supposed to represent). And that's not its only failure.

We received this spam via our webform:

Salutation: Miss
Your Christian or first name: Erma
Your surname: Erma Galea
Your e-mail address: noreply@papawp3247.news
Your company: Papa WP
Your company's business area: PapaWP
Country: South Korea
Which business area are you enquiring about? : Nigel Morris-Cotterill -
seminars / speaker / media enquiry
Your enquiry:

Do you know that your Wordpress site antimoneylaundering.net is very slow to
load and that you lose visitors, leads and customers every day?

We have already optimized more than 2000 sites since 2015, why not yours?

Best Regards,

I accept the legal and privacy terms: I accept the legal and privacy terms
Submission date / time: Saturday, 15 February, 2020 - 09:46

Well, Erma, here's why.

First, you've completed and submitted the form in breach of our site access conditions which specifically preclude advertising via the form - and you've even indicated that you have read and accepted those terms - so you've admitted that your access was unauthorised and an intrusion.

Secondly, although I've left it out of this copy, you included a link to a shielded domain - why would I click anything when I don't know where it's going to take me?

Third, you claim to be in South Korea. But you aren't are you? The IP address you used to spam us is in a group of IP addresses at 148.163.82.* which are renowned for spam.

Your website has been active for less than two months. Your domain was created in only October last year. You have registered via Panama and - here's perhaps the second most suspicious thing - you've decided to hide yourself behind Cloudflare which, as regular readers will know, is a service that we come across as shielding criminals far more often than we should.

And then there's the big thing: you say "Do you know that your Wordpress site antimoneylaundering.net is very slow to load " That's fine. Absolutely no problem. It can take weeks for our WordPress site to load for all we care; months even.

Do you want to know why?

Because we don't have a WordPress site.