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Taboola compounds its extraordinarily bad marketing.

Editorial Staff

Remember This ("Taboola's big marketing fail") from a few days ago? Well, incredibly, they have compounded their ludicrous campaign with this...

The answer to the questions in this spam?

Not on your nelly.


Re: Taboola - Native Campaigns for The Anti Money Laundering Network

Hi Terminally Upset,
Hope my last email finds you well! Please let me know if you're not the right person to address those emails so I can reach out to correct POC.
In the meantime please have a look at this case study for a that I believe would be interesting for your new content marketing strategy : 
Coverfox Refines Content Strategy and Achieves Significant ROI with Taboola

(there's a link to someone who uses Taboola - we've removed it)

Please let me know if you have any time this week or next week for a quick call.

Frida Lai
Media Sales Development
frida.l@taboola.com  |  taboola.com


oh, and we're bored with this now so all taboola.com mail is blocked and discarded before it reaches any addressee.

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