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Taboola's big marketing fail

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We dislike Taboola's low-grade, spammy, click-bait rubbish that populates so many websites. We specifically use an ad-blocker code to make sure it is not displayed on any of our machines (||taboola.com). We really should get round to blocking it at router level. At some point, we've made that clear. But Taboola is so utterly stupid that it thinks spamming us with a suggestion we actually carry the very material we don't ever want to see is a good idea. The fun bit is at the very start of their spam, reproduced here, complete with addresses, so spam-harvesters can have a great time with them.

Taboola - Native Campaigns for The Anti Money Laundering Network

Hello Terminally Upset,
My name is Frida Lai and I am in charge of the network advertisers Taboola for Malaysia market. I would like to discuss a potential collaboration to generate qualified leads/clients/traffic for The Anti Money Laundering Network with Taboola.
Taboola is now the largest content discovery network worldwide reaching 1.4B unique users and over +200B recommendations per month. In Malaysia, our native advertising recommendations can be found on premium websites including MSN, Bloomberg, Malaysia Today, Free Malaysia Today, theSundaily, etc.
Spotify, HipVan, HomeAway, and KAYAK are just a few advertisers using the Taboola platform to recommend their content & drive engaged users to their websites to achieve positive ROI!
Would you be the best person to speak with about distributing your content on our network?  Or, if not, could you introduce me to someone your digital marketing? 
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,
Frida Lai
Media Sales Development
WeChat: frida0228  |  QQ: 2177118131


er.. bog off.

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