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Toyota to recall 1.7 million cars and vans

Editorial Staff

It sometimes seems as if the one company you don't want to be if you are a car maker is Toyota. Having admitted last year that it put innovation and a rush to market ahead of its traditionally prudent, quality driven, commercial strategy, the announcement that it more than a million and a half cars have faults requiring recall causes yet more damage to the company's once mighty reputation.

A fuel pump fault and a problem with a hose in the Avensis, Noah and several other models accounts for more than 1.3 million vehicles in the recall announced yesterday.

75,000 Crown (big, sloppy, cruisers) and 6,200 Townace (vans) will be recalled in Japan: the same fault as returned several Lexus models in the USA has been identified.

It's just three months since the company recalled more than one and a half million cars having identified a fault in the master cylinder brake seal.