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Toyota recalls 7.5 million cars over window swich problem

Editorial Staff

In terms of seriousness, it's not in the league of the disastrous brake pedal problem a couple of years ago but the scale of the recall is so huge that it's a PR nightmare.

IN 1996, Ford recalled eight million cars around the world but Toyota's recall is the largest since then. The models affected, including the Yaris, Corolla and Camry, are frequently class-leaders for sales around the world and the recall affects all major markets.

UK models affected include the Auris and the RAV4 but around the world the Vios, Matrix and other less high profile models are also affected. The period covered by the recall is from 2005 to 2010.

The recall is voluntary: no state agency has demanded the switch be fixed and Toyota says it has no reports of any physical harm being suffered by anyone.

Full details provided by Toyota are at http://pressroom.toyota.com/re...

The company says "The driver’s side PWMS may experience a “notchy” or sticky feel during operation. If commercially available lubricants are applied to the switch in an attempt to address the “notchy” or sticky feel, melting of the switch assembly or smoke could occur and lead to a fire under some circumstances."The “notchy” or sticky feel may be caused by an uneven application of the grease during the switch assembly process at the supplier. If the grease is not applied evenly, frequent use of the switch and normal operation may cause the grease to become carbonized and may eventually result in the deterioration of its lubricating properties."The recall remedy will involve an inspection, switch disassembly, and application of special fluorine grease. The switch inspection and repair will be performed at no charge to the vehicle owner."

(ignore the statement "Detailed information is available to customers at www.toyota.com/recall " - it loops back to the same page. )