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VW recalls Touaregs due to rear spoiler defect

Editorial Staff

Can things get any worse? Yes, it seems, they can. Volkswagen's major market is China where its cars are seen as higher quality than most. And imported VWs are more prized than locally made models. So the fact that a large piece of bodywork might fly off its apparently rugged 4WD is not good news for the company.

The State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine has been informed that VW has identified the problem and, starting next Monday, dealers will have supplies of parts to remedy the defect. All Touaregs imported into China between November 2006 and the end of January 2009 are affected.

That's 8680 cars - or rather, it's 8680 cars that VW knows about.

For China has a thriving industry of importing cars first registered abroad - and for some years, it has been non-too-fussy about where they came from - or how they were acquired. Any stolen car is unlikely to be presented to a main dealer for free work to be carried out.

The problem is with the fastening struts for the rear spoiler, above the back window: they have been demonstrated to crack, says VW. When that happens, the spoiler can come loose and fall off without warning.

That's pretty bad news if you are following one down a motorway when it happens.

And in China, the vehicle behind is likely to be a motorcycle - and the idea of a flailing spoiler thrashing around in the wind at head height is not at all attractive.

The car has sold well worldwide: in the USA 14,416 cars are being recalled.