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Vortex Centrum Limited launches Memorable Marketing Material with Excellent English.

Advertising/Media Relations
London, UK

London 30 October, 2020

Vortex Centrum Limited, publishers of PleaseBeInformed.com, has today launched a new service for the advertising and marketing industries.

Memorable Marketing Material with Excellent English will take marketing material in English and correct it.

Launching the service, Nigel Morris-Cotterill of Vortex Centrum Limited said

"Our entire business is about maximising the effectiveness of communication. Whether it's in books, articles or training courses, we make things easy to understand.

"As more and more people set up drop-shipping businesses using on-line platforms such as Amazon, Lazada, Shoppee and eBay, they need to communicate effectively. And, of course, their suppliers are building international sales, in English. Their marketing material might appear on dozens of drop-shippers pages from AliExpress, for example. When the manufacturers get it wrong, everybody gets it wrong.

"So, we will proof read and correct press releases, advertising, user manuals so that the message is clear and, equally importantly, safe."

The growth of online marketplaces has seen a huge rise in the number of individual sellers who rely on on-line translation services such as Google Translate and Bing but their translations are often inaccurate and sometimes dangerously wrong. And, of course, many people are not confident in their own use of English. The service is for them, too.

"We have real intelligence, not artificial intelligence. We put things into English. Real English. From England. And it's all done by people not machines," added Morris-Cotterill.

The service will also help with advertising scripts including pronunciation and inflection, maximising the impact of the message.

For more information, visit www,vortexcentrum.com

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Via the website at www.vortexcentrum.com.

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