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The importance of accuracy in correspondence

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Jefferson Galt

With the announcement that the Apprentice Solicitors (don't ask: it's another "moving forward" initiative instead of going back to proper Articles) scheme is to include a grammar test (that's hilarious, given the appalling level of English across the Courts system and, even more ironically, the Solicitors (see, no apostrophe when there should be) Regulatory Authority), it's prescient to note that careless English can sometimes be celebrated. Malaysians have taken to Twitter in large numbers for one of the funniest hashtag trends ever. And it's so very simple.

Under the hastag "RemoveALetterSpoilAMovie", Malaysians have taken the game to heart, playing mostly in English with a few Malay examples tossed in.


* The Fat and the Furious

Depressed & overweight Vin Diesel goes back on the streets for one last ride.

* Mad Ma

"Ma, I lost your tupperware..."

* Dead Pets Society

A group of dead pets brought back to life to get revenge on their owners

*An Man

A grammatically incorrect title about a man.

*Plane of the Apes

Like Snakes on a Plane, but with monkeys.

*Jurassic Word.

Come and learn ancient literature.

*The Huger Games

It's really huge...

Here's the greatest thing: almost all the thread is written by Malay Malaysians, often criticised for their poor level of English. Here is proof that such generalisations are wrong. That's the first lesson this thread shows: don't make assumptions based on popular comment.

The second lesson for Financial Crime Risk Officers is how important even a single letter can be in documentation and why proof reading, in every document issued by a company, is vital. We all laugh at the awful instructions with some devices, but the consequences for a financial institution can be dire, too.

Read almost 30 thousand more at https://twitter.com/hashtag/Re...