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Life is stranger than fiction.

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This morning, a spam-scam arrived claiming that a subscription had been renewed.

Then a few minutes later, we came across a news article that had something in common.

Is it pure coincidence?

The news article is all over the 'web. The headline that first came up here was "Cybersecurity firm McAfee to be sold for more than US$14b." It means "milliard" but let's let that particular annoyance pass for now.

The spam-scam said "Service notice 429-38735" and is obviously nonsense because the "from" mail is "Activated: livgree462@gmail.com


Your online security is our topmost priority, with our all-new advanced protection you can browse securely and avoid online threats.

We appreciate you joined our security program for one year’s device protection and technical support.

*Below is your subscription information: -*
Item Description
Issue Date

*Advanced McAfee Pro Protection- tp*^*2*
*Nov 08, 2021*

Activation Code LVQ25-R2JAX7-WKS64
You will need this code to activate the software

For Assistance Contact Support*+1 866-900-3260*

As you have opted for the auto-debit service, the amount of* $419.98 *will be charged every year automatically.

Incase you don’t want to renew the subscription after one years or you wish to remove auto-debit, please connect with our team in order to cancel the services.

It doesn't take much to realise that the standard of communication is too poor to be real.

But it's interesting that the spam arose just as the company was in the news.

Is it a coincidence or is it that the fraudsters have, as is far more common than it is often realised, adapt their spams so as to catch those who are already aware of the company the fraudsters use as the hook, even if they don't have an account with that company.

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