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An old fraud returns: the "other" Nigerian scam

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Editorial Staff

The so-called 419 scam is not the only fraud that has a long history of coming out of Nigeria - and other countries. The old "we'll get your stuff past inspection" was a major money spinner but another, even more lucrative one, has just landed. We've not seen it for a very long time.

This time, instead of Nigeria, the fraudster is inviting interest for Libya. Criminals like using Libya because half of the victim's brain says "oil" and the other half says "trouble." Both, for the adventurous, mean money.

This one, issued in German and English, says
AW: State Of Libya Supply Project

I've invited you to fill out the following form:
[there's a link to a document at google.docs]

Kindly advise if your company has a Trade license and capability to execute a multi million Euro contract supply project for the Libya Development Program LDP according to incoterms. kindly furnish me your response. Thank you and treat very urgent.


reply: abujredamuameralisaleh@outlook...
from: ahmadtijani231@gmail.com


It's amateur hour but, as we know from such frauds, someone somewhere will be so greedy or stupid as to fail to overlook the obvious flaws and to go for it.

In the meantime: Google and Microsoft are facilitators of the crime that will result.

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