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The persistence of cryptotrading fraudsters.

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This follow up to the article about a crypto-asset trading fraud being promoted on LinkedIn shows the persistence of the fraudsters.

(updates as to telephone numbers and emails will be added to this article from time to time)

UPDATE 200191120: disturbing find: a paid-for advert on LinkedIn which is therefore profiting from this fraud.

There are several telephone calls every day, originating from numbers that are registered in London but they appear to be nothing more than relays. The voices on the other end of the line are Eastern European.

The following numbers are used many of them repeatedly. Typically, there are four calls each day during the European morning business hours.

UK: +44 20 3807 9341 +44 20 8089 3212 +44 20 3807 6237 +44 20 8089 1965
+44 20 3769 6090 +44 20 8089 3307 +44 121 790 0657 +44 20 3807 6087
+44 20 8089 4336 +44 20 8089 9465 +44 20 3769 3029 +44 20 2087 4151
+44 20 8089 6088
Singapore: +65 3129 0768 +65 3129 0770 +65 3129 0771 +65 3129 0763
France: +33 4493182269
Papau New Guinea +6757656629 +675768491

On 20 November 2019, we found the fraud being advertised in a "sponsored post" on LinkedIn meaning that LI and its owners, Microsoft, are profiting from the crime by receiving advertising revenue.

See https://www.linkedin.com/in/ni...

And then there are e-mails.

Examples are below:


From: Charles Jones charles@ibtsourcing.com.
Subject: Your friends are already secretly doing it.
Hi ,

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Register now to learn everything you need to know.

All the best,
Charles Jones
DH ltd 42 King's Cross Rd , London, London, GB WC1X 9QE


From: Charles Jones charles@ibtcsourcing.com
Subject: Account has been credited

Hello ,

Your access fee has been removed,

so, your full membership benefits

are completely free.

The fee returns next week,

so, it makes sense to

use your free membership now

before you have to pay.

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Just click here to begin
[ https://track.creatensend.com/... removed]

We wish you every success.


Charles Jones

DH ltd 42 King's Cross Rd , London, London, GB WC1X 9QE


There are more emails shown below.

creatensend.com says that it is a "permissions-based e-mail system." In this case, our researcher who completed the forms while learning about the fraud did give permission. Creatensend is therefore not liable in respect of the use of its platform for mail. However, it may wish to review whether it wishes to do business with those who are demonstrably using its service in the furtherance of a crime: The sending address is actually thinkbigdp@creatensend.com. And just because it's fun to give spam search engines new addresses to pester, support@ibtcsourcing.com is the "reply to" address . The mail originates from which is a verified e-mail address for creatensend demonstrating that the fraudsters are not spoofing the address.

For regular readers of this newspaper, it will come as no surprise that attempts to identify more about those who are benefiting from crypto-trading criminal enterprise showed that the service is fronted by Cloudflare, a service to which we have drawn attention on a number of occasions.

The address 42 King's Cross Road given in the e-mails is part of a block of numbers allocated to Travelodge, a hotel. It is not, it appears, commercial premises in which there are offices.

The company DH Limited was a PR company and using the initials of its founder. Formed in 2013, it was dissolved in 2017. Although there are a number of companies with names starting with DH, there are no companies called DH Ltd presently registered in England and Wales.

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