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The persistence of cryptotrading fraudsters.

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This follow up to the article about a crypto-asset trading fraud being promoted on LinkedIn shows the persistence of the fraudsters.

(updates as to telephone numbers and emails will be added to this article from time to time)

UPDATE 200191120: disturbing find: a paid-for advert on LinkedIn which is therefore profiting from this fraud.

Subject: Exclusive access confirmed

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[Comment on this mail: the expression "Fortune favors the bold" is an Americanism and uses American spelling. In English, the expression would be "Fortune favours the brave." Note, too, that the subject line uses the American style of capitals whereas later emails use the English form which is rather less "shouty."


Subject: Welcome to the team!

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There is very little information about clickerfirm.com because it is was created only within the past ten months using a domain privacy service. Of itself, that is no longer a cause for significant comment as, due to the GDPR, the information on many domains is now behind some kind of data protection barrier.


Hello ,

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The good news about Brexit is...

Hi ,

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[notice the vastly different style in this e-mail even though it purports, in its "from" tag to originate from the same Charles Jones (charles@ibtcsourcing.com) and the return path is the same bounce2@creatensend.com. Incidentally we reported this criminal enterprise to creatensend.com. They have not replied and, obviously, the mail keeps on coming which now turns them, it is alleged, from beneficiaries of the fraud to conspirators. ]

We are now going to block mail from the offending domains and will, not, therefore post further examples. 28/11/19

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