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A remarkably simple spam scam that isn't from PayPal

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Editorial Staff

It's clever. It's simple. It's even got a personal identifier in it (not that that's clever - and it demonstrates that it's scam - for reasons we aren't going to explain in public)

Many people will click on this. They shouldn't.

What they should not click on is the attachment. It says it's a PDF file but it might not be. It also says it's an invoice. It isn't.

It isn't because the whole approach from an anonymous e-mail account provided by Google is predicated on a lie.
staceygus835@gmail.com says "Your order is has been Placed. your account has been charged."
It goes on "Hello, [email address]

Thank you for Choosing us. Hope you had a great shopping experience with us.
Please find the attachment Reciept, if you wish to change or cancel the
transaction or order directly reach us at +18608382296 (Est
9:00 Am To 7:30 Pm). orders can be changed with in 24 hours.

Thanks for your Order!

Paypal Inc.

So, let's be clear. PayPal didn't send this. PayPal has no reason to send this. PayPal can set its name out properly.

But what is clever is the simplicity: here's your invoice, we've charged it to your account. If you don't like it, call us.

Did we open the "invoice"? No, of course not.

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