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Spam-scam: the only question here is why it has taken so long....

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Nigel Morris-Cotterill

The situation in Afghanistan is appalling. Exactly how appalling, we cannot know unless we are present. As journalists fly in, report from the tarmac or, in one case, from just outside the airport gates as bullets flew, we get a multitude of one-dimensional pictures that create a collage but not a cohesive whole. Stories of abuse are rife but on the other hand so are stories that the Taliban is far from the version of 20 years ago. All we can say is that the situation is extraordinarily complex, dangerous and it's likely to become far, far worse.

In the middle of all of this, a mail arrives. It's headed "Urgent request from Mohammed."

You've got to be a special kind of stupid to send a spam-scam to an address at countermoneylaundering.com. Or you've got your hands on a mailing list and don't look at it.

But it seems that he's a nice, polite man so let's see what he has to say....

Good Afternoon, [name]

How are you and your family?

I am Bakhtar Mohammed Balu the CEO of Bakhtar Flour Mills (Pvt) Ltd in

Yesterday my offices and home was attacked by the Tailbans and they took my
sons, I managed to escape with my wife and daughters to a remote area which is
also unsave for us at the moment cause Tailans are capturing more states as we
speak. I need your urgent help in moving my funds from our bank and my family
out of my country urgently. kindly reply to me urgently via my personal email:
hmohammed.terramgeo@gmail.com or my U.S
whatsapp number +13026432319

I found your [name] @ countermoneylaundering.com in my old phone as I misplaced
my current mobile phone due to the war here in afghanistan. I believe we have
done business before or know each other somewhere, because I don't easily save
people's contact.

Bakhtar Mohammed Balu


Gosh, how did he know that I often buy flour as I've started making bread for friends as a way of staying sane during the pandemic? Although I have to say that I don't usually order it from Afghanistan. There's a good shop much closer and a good flour mill not far away.

Actually: there's a word of warning - the company referred to in this mail really does (did?) exist and it is in Kabul. So this fraudster is doubly horrible.

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