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Which airport did you say?

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Peter Lee

The logic failures in some spam-scams are astounding. This one is so stupid that we just had to tell you about it.

Below is the full text of the email, unedited. Just read it and wonder .. then wonder at the fact that someone, somewhere will be even more stupid and will become a victim.. Wonder, too, that we see the use of free, anonymous e-mail accounts and that, more than two decades of fraud and other crime later, such things not only still exist but are promoted by some of the world's biggest internet companies.

Attention Beneficiary;

Your consignment box unlocking codes is WKG8539HDMA, Call or text him on +1(862) 270-3419 I wish to inform you that the diplomatic agent conveying the consignment box valued the sum of $15.8 Million United States Dollars misplaced your delivery address and he is currently stranded at YOUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. We required you to reconfirm the following information as stated below for safe delivery to you.

Full Name: -------------------------------
Nationality -------------------------------
RESIDENTIAL Address -----------------
Nearest Airport---------------------------
Direct Phone No --------------------------
ID ATTACHMENT-------------------------

Contact the Diplomatic agent Gabriel Oruruchim E-mail:{agent.gabrieloruruchim@citroma...} him with the information He is waiting to hear from you today with the information at the Airport NB:The Diplomatic agent does not know that the content of the consignment box is $15.8 Millions United States Dollars and on no circumstances should you let him know the content.Call or text him on +1(862) 270-3419. You should send him email to this email address agent.gabrieloruruchim@citroma....

Managing Director DHL,

reply to: gabriel.oruruchim@yandex.com
From: "Rev.Dr. Chimereya" domain of iogc.org designates
Reverse DNS lookup failed for

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