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Baylis, Trevor Graham

Trever Baylis courtesy free_stock_illustration.com
Trevor Baylis
was born on: 
Thu, 13/05/1937
Kilburn, London, England
and died on: 
Mon, 05/03/2018
Eel Pie Island, Surrey, England

The song remains the same, even without batteries


Trevor Baylis was the kind of Englishman that makes the English English. Completely eccentric and always thinking up madcap schemes. He took out more than 150 patents for all manner of things but it was his wind up clock radio which made him famous but didn't make his fortune. He licensed production to a company that modified the design, then claimed their product was different and paid him no royalties. Later, he said that he had had to remortgage his home for living expenses and thought he might lose it because he was struggling with the repayments.

Bayliss suffered from the problem that people had serious trouble with his name - adding a second "s" where there was none and an internet search throws up at least as many incorrect entries as correct examples.

He said he designed the clock radio so that information relating to the AIDS epidemic could be heard across Africa where electricity was rare and batteries expensive. Amongst many other things, he designed wearable technology such as shoes that generated a tiny charge to recharge batteries when the wearer walked.

Baylis never married, living alone in his workshop-cum-home on Eel Pie Island, once an artists' community in the middle of the River Thames in Twickenham. He was the holder of honorary degrees from several universities.

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