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NELSON, Prince Rogers (Prince)

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was born on: 
Sat, 07/06/1958
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
and died on: 
Thu, 21/04/2016
Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA

Prince by name, Prince by nature.


Musician Prince died on 21 April 2016 aged 57 at his home and recording studio at Paisley Park.

Prince was the kind of musician that one loves or hates but cannot ignore. A musical maverick, he challenged formats in ways that are common in jazz but rare in rock. A visionary, similar in his disregard of boundaries to Jimi Hendrix. but different in style, much of his music was jazz funk that was so developed that its roots were barely recognisable.

Prince had been suffering from a mystery illness, reported to be "flu" that had seen him hospitalised after a recent concert. Media reports say that he was spotted, shortly before his death, at a local pharmacy. An investigation is under way to determine the cause and circumstances of his death.

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