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The coronavirus mask fraud....

Editorial Staff

There's no point in discussing this at length. A spam arrived. It's spreading fear and it's a fraud.

The spam says "OxyBreath PRO! Coronavirus is spreading on a worldwidescale and there is only one solution thatcan currently prevent it -the anti bacterial mask OxyBreath PRO! "

There is no solution; there is no way of preventing it but there are ways of reducing risk. Most importantly, it's a virus and so even if this "anti bacterial" product is useful against some airborne disease, it's absolutely not effective against a virus.

So, set your spam filters to block anything advertising it.

Moreover, since early February, it has appeared on dozens of websites, each replicating more or less the same message and claiming that it's proof against corona virus. Not one of those sites can be considered independent or authoritative.

And be safe. There are many, many frauds targeting, especially young people.