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Doctor undertakes not to practise after reports of disastrous surgeries.

Editorial Staff

A joint investigation by Four Corners, the flagship investigative series by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and newspapers The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald uncovered widespread allegations of medical malpractice against Dr Daniel Lanzer, a "celebrity" plastic surgeon.

Lanzer has provided to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency an enforceable undertaking not to practise medicine in Australia. His clinics in Sydney and Melbourne are no longer accepting patients.

Amongst the cases reported by the ABC is that of a women who, twelve days after a tummy-tuck, arrived at Lanzer's clinic in Melbourne as a result of complications. She had gone home to Brisbane, a long way, after the surgery and when she contacted Lanzer he had insisted that she fly back to Melbourne because he, as the original surgeon, would need to deal with it. Lanzer, another doctor and two nurses told her that remedy was simple: open it up, wash it out and restaple it. There would, she said they told her, be no need for a general anaesthetic and local jabs would be enough. There was, the patient says, indescribable pain. A nurse told Four Corners that "The procedure was gruesome. "We're talking about fully lifting the stomach, the abdominal flap, lifting the skin up while [the patient] was screaming in pain and they were cleaning out all of the dead tissue underneath."

For more on this story, see https://www.abc.net.au/news/20... . There is also a link to the Four Corners programme "Cosmetic Cowboys."

Be warned: the images are horrible.

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