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Malaysia bans "poisonous" cosmetics

Editorial Staff

Malaysia's National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency has banned sales of several products produced by "Dr Vida," who has become wealthy selling, amongst other things, Qu Gebu AP Krim.

The business, owned by Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman, is particularly popular amongst Malay women who particularly prize their naturally silky skin and some who wish to lighten it.

But, said the Ministry, some products contained one or more of the following restricted, banned and/or harmful substances: hydroquinone, tretinoin, mercury.

Those containing mercury, which is entirely banned, are Night Glowing, Glowing Speed Gold Day Cream, Glowing Speed Gold Night Cream, Nour Ain Night Cream and Royal Expert White­ning Cream.

Products containing tretinoin are allowed but only when prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner and used under medical supervision because the side effects can be severe.

The Ministry has issued a warning to check skin products against the approved list at npra.moh.gov.my. and, in case of problems arising from a product to e-mail at kosmetic at npra.gov.my. It has warned that all unauthorised products, including those listed above, should be not be used.

Local media has been keeping a watch on the flamboyant Dr Vida after a series of court cases were brought against her for tax offences and, at one point, she was required to surrender her passport.