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Thailand's threat to Europe's late night TV porn

Editorial Staff

Across much of Europe, late night TV viewers can often find themselves channel surfing and subjected to pornographic "teasers" for even more outrageous material as paid-for services. Thai women (girls, mostly) often feature on these promotional videos, sometimes alone, sometimes with another girl. Thailand has a new law about on-line obscenity and has brought the first charges against two women who engaged in very mild acts using Facebook Live.

Thanyakarn “Meya” Rojin, 23, and Kanchanaicha “Kik” Buranon, 21, stripped for a Facebook Live channel. The woman known as "Meya" said that she was desperate for money and that the producers made an up-front payment and offered bonuses depending on the number of views, shares and likes she got.

The women are charged under Section 14, subsection 4 of the Computer Crime Act which has recently been amended to provide for sentences of up to five years and a fine of a disproportionately low 10,000 bhat (about GBP200) for uploading obscene material to systems accessible to the public.

"Kik" reportedly said she has often stripped on Facebook and joined this page because it promised more money.

The police investigated after a single complaint by a man who local media say is apparently the only member of the grandly named "Network Against Acts that Destroy Kingdom, Religion and Monarchy" which is described as "ultra conservative."

The simple act of stripping can hardly be described as pornographic : the issue here is how quickly the police have acted against what is, on the face of it, a rogue complaint. However, if the charges are proceeded with and upheld, then the Thai authorities might expect a backlash from Europe where there are many people offended by the easy accessibility of porn on TV which the young can freely access.