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Five novel drugs trafficking schemes

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Drugs traffickers are an inventive bunch. Here are our top five recently discovered schemes.

Shit in shit turns into a shit show

Drugs are often termed "shit" by their users. It usually means "poo." When something goes horribly wrong, it's sometimes called "a shit show."

So, yes, the headline fits the case exactly.

A cargo ship carrying cattle was intercepted by Spanish authorities who were amazed to discover a large quantity of cocaine amongst the cattle exported from Colombia en route to Egypt.


Baby Milk scheme is a novel formula

" An international drug syndicate exporting locally made products only to ship them back into the country on the pretext of the importing country having issues with the packaging of the cargo... Malaysian Customs director-general Datuk Abdul Latif Abdul Kadir said in the latest bust, his men seized 2.5 tonnes of goat's and camel's milk powder which had been mixed with ketamine worth an estimated RM100mil (about USD26m).


You say tomato, I say meth

"The Port of Nogales just witnessed a new record-breaking drug bust, after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized the largest methamphetamine load in Arizona ports' history: 600 packages of drugs—or about 690 pounds with a street value of USD690,000. The nefarious substance was hidden in [the trailer of an articulated lorry] carrying tomatoes and bell peppers."

For some reason, US authorities have started to refer to quantities of drugs in pounds - they've used kilos, the same as the rest of the world, for decades.


And the EU wanted to control the shape of bananas?

Amongst the maddest ideas that the European Union has had (and there have been many) was to try to define rules on the shape, size and curvature of bananas. That was a welcome failure.

Perhaps they should have focussed on what was in the bananas.

Customs finds 4,500 kilograms of cocaine in banana shipment


Drug smugglers give customs a sporting chance

The headline read: "Cocaine worth €1,000 million seized in Germany's biggest haul "

That requires a double take, doesn't it? While most countries are delighted to report "finds" in the tens of thousands of dollars, euros or whatever, this is an outstanding amount of drugs to be found in one place.

4.5 tonnes of cocaine was found in a ship that called at Hamburg en route from Montevideo in Uraguay to Antwerp. A container supposedly carrying soyabeans in fact held hundreds of sports holdalls filled with cocaine in a "hiding in plain sight" operation.

Hamburg authorities incinerated it in secret before publicising their success.