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Five things California's Attorney General Becerra is supporting

Editorial Staff

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is very active in a wide range of litigation supporting a wide range of opinions. Here are five things he's supporting now.

Opposing "unaffordable money bail"

Bacerra has filed an "amicus brief" to put the State of California's view of principles of bail before the San Francisco Superior Court.

He argues that "Bail determinations should be about danger to the public, not money in your pocket. Decisions regarding whether to keep a person in jail while he or she is awaiting trial must ensure public safety and respect the rights of defendants. Whenever possible, we should be using alternatives to incarceration that preserve public safety and ensure a defendant’s return to court." Becarra isn't alone: a statement from his office says "On 28 August, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 10, a bill that will eliminate the money bail system in California and replace it with a system that assesses each person’s individual public safety or flight risk."


Attempts to remove illegal weapons and ammunition

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell have announced Operation Dual Force, a coordinated effort to remove illegally possessed weapons and ammunition from individuals in the Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) database. The joint operation, which is expected to be completed in December 2018, has closed 227 APPS cases, 35 of which resulted in arrests. Investigators have seized 111 firearms, including seven assault weapons, 56 handguns, 21 shotguns, 24 rifles and three lower receivers. In addition, the operation has seized over 27,647 rounds of ammunition, 50 high-capacity magazines and 106 standard-capacity magazines.


Enforcement against illegal cannabis production

Becerra has announced the arrest of 52 individuals as part of the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) Program, which is the largest illegal marijuana eradication program in the nation. This year, CAMP eradicated 614,267 plants in over 254 illegal cannabis growing sites across the state. Agents also seized 110 weapons.

"In the course of the operation, CAMP teams protected public resources against misuse and safeguarded public land and water from illegal pesticides. A CAMP team in Stanislaus County stopped drug traffickers from diverting water from the San Joaquin River in order to fuel their illegal operation. In other cases, the CAMP team busted suspects using a deadly, banned pesticide called carbofuran. Agents shut down these illegal growing sites, shielding public land from this dangerous chemical."


Arguing against weakening of the Endangered Species Act

" Becerra today harshly criticized the Trump Administration’s proposed rollbacks of rules implementing the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Attorney General Becerra and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, leading a coalition of ten state attorneys general, submitted a comment letter describing critical flaws with the ESA rollbacks proposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service saying " The Trump Administration’s proposal would risk bringing critical wildlife closer to extinction. We must voice strong opposition to this regressive and short-sighted proposal." "


Defending California's "gun carry" laws

Becerra has continued his defence of California’s gun safety laws by filing a motion for initial en banc review in /Flanagan v. Becerra/, a challenge to California’s laws that regulate who may carry a firearm in public places. The petition was filed with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in response to the Court's recent decision in /Young v. State of Hawai’i/. In the /Young /case, a three-member panel of the Court held that Hawai’i's public carry regulations, as the Court understood them, breach the Second Amendment. If allowed to stand, the decision could erroneously alter the Court's consideration of California's public carry laws and other sensible firearms laws and regulations.

“California has some of the strongest gun safety laws in the country. We cannot and will not go backwards,” Becerra said.