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Drupal 9 : select default text format.

Editorial Staff

Drupal's text format facility is very powerful but there is one niggling thing ....

Setting up various text formats, including custom formats is simple:

Configuration > Text formats and editors > and then create a new format or modify an existing format.

But it's really easy to miss something that has a significant effect on usability.

For those of us who don't use a rich-text editor such as CCK, when you are creating or editing a document, the default format is Plain Text and it's set for every text field.

But there is a simple fix: simply re-order, by dragging the crosses up and down, the formats so that e.g. full html or your custom format is at the top.

Now, every time you create or edit a document, Full HTML will be the default selected.

Or so you might think: actually, what we get is "ALL HTML" - which seems to be the same as "Full HTML"

Why? No idea but it works and that's what important.

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