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Notepad++ : gimme my Chameleon back

Editorial Staff

For long-time users of the excellent Notepad++ text editing tool there is only one major irritation - we've lost the old Chameleon Icon in favour of a, well, notepad with ++ written on it. Lots of us want our little bug-eyed green monster back but the option to choose it during installation is no longer available (or, if it is, it's not obvious). But it's surprisingly easy to bring the little guy back and give the desktop a bit of personality. Here's how:

On Windows, follow these steps:

1. open the program
2. find the boring icon at the bottom of the screen and right-click.
3. On the pop-up list , right-click the program name
4. Select properties
5. choose the "shortcut" tab
6. Click "Change Icon"
7. Find the cheeky chappy in the box of lots of options and click it.
8. Click OK
9. Click "Apply" or "OK" on the properties box and get out of it.
10. The replacement icon will open the next time the program is opened.