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Notepad++ side by side editing

Editorial Staff

FAQ number 84 (kidding). How do I open two Notepad++ files side by side? Read on.... This is how to do it.

Notepad ++ is a favourite of coders as a pure text editor that has lots of helpful tricks to make life simpler. Also, compared to the Notepad app that comes with Microsoft's Windows, it does not suffer from the tiny capacity which, especially when reviewing long files of code is a huge benefit. But, MS Notepad has, apparently, one thing that makes it stand out; you can run multiple instances side by side to compare content. Notepad ++ can only run one instance. There is an elegant and simple solution built in. This is how to do it.

This has to be the simplest fix for a complex problem.

Choose one of the tabs and right click it.

Select "move to other view" and left click.

So fast you might not realise its done it, a new pane opens within the existing window and the doc you chose is now in that pane. All the other open tabs are still in the original pane.

Only two panes can be open but that should be enough.

In summary, it's multiple documents in the same instance, not two instances which means your hard working PC doesn't have to work anywhere near so hard as if would running multiple copies of the program.

How, you ask, do you return to a single pane? Simple, save the document that's in a pane on its own, close that document and, poof, the pane has gone. If you want the document later, just reopen it and it will be back on a tab in the single pane.