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OpenOffice.org Writer - remove autocompletion of lines and more.

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OpenOffice.Org has some presets that can be extremely annoying. What's worse is that while it's easy to undo them on a case by case basis, to find out how to globally remove the preset is often very illogical.

For example, if one types _________ as, say, a divider between paragraphs, or to signify the end of a document, OpenOffice.org assumes that you want a full-page-width line.

What if you don't?

But the same facility that causes annoyance can also be set to save you lots of effort.

There is absolutely no logic in the fact that typing _____ creates a full width line or that typing ###### creates a bold, double line right across the page.

Similarly, if there is logic to where the controls are, it's not the kind of logic most people use. We are not going to make any attempt to explain why it is like it is, but we are going to tell you how to fix it.

So here's how to do change the settings so that OpenOffice.org renders what you type.

Call the drop down menu Tools > AutoCorrect > untick Apply Border.

While you are there, you can see a series of default options which are not "correcting" at all. You might want to keep some and remove some.

For example, using the replacement table is very helpful. That table (under the "Replace" tab in the AutoCorrect dialogue box) is used for genuine spelling corrections but can also be used in place of macros so that you could set it up so that if you were to type "U.N." the system would, every time, change that to "United Nations." You wouldn't need to remember a key combination. This is also useful if you have your spell-checker set to English but want to use, say, French words with accents e.g. café In this way you can avoid installing a French dictionary.

Another annoying option is to "Ignore double spaces." This goes against standard typography in, for example, some legal documents where there is a double space after a full stop and before the capital letter for the next sentence. If you are using OpenOffice.Org to prepare documents for the web, then a double space after a full stop helps users reading, especially if the print is set to small. If you use the program to draft html pages (and to be clear, it's not very good at it), there are a couple of items in the replace box that you will need to remove. Take a look for yourself.

You can play with the settings and find out which suit you and your purpose.

Many people have moved on from OpenOffice.org which has been lagging behind in development terms for some years. An alternative started out as a "fork" of OpenOffice.org and is, for many, the Office Suite of choice, especially for new migrants from Microsoft product. That's LibreOffice and readers might like to give it a try.

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