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Containing the "grouping" menace in private "public" places

We all know the culture that exists of "hanging out" at "the mall." Groups of, mainly, youngsters collect and, even if they don't become rowdy, they make the place untidy and, often, unsettle the nervous visitors who want to go shopping in the kind of environment that the developer wanted to create. In some cultures, the groups are exclusively men. A shopping centre in Karachi has decided that enough is enough and decided that its role is to provide a family friendly environment and so it's begun to apply a 500 rupee entry charge for men and boys entering alone. The scheme is not entirely new: a previous scheme charged 300 rupees which could be offset against purchases exceeding a certain value. But 300 rupees is only about two pounds sterling and that was easily spent in the shops and F&B outlets. The new scheme costs about GBP3.60 and the offset has been abolished. It's not a lot for most Karachi males but it might be enough to encourage them to go somewhere else and, if that keeps the privately owned public spaces comfortable for those most likely to take home things stuffed in carrier bags, the developer is happy.



Karachi's Uber etc. drivers are a new elite

How much, we wondered, does the average 21 year old male earn in Karachi, while writing about the mall charge. We couldn't find out but we did find that drivers for Uber and Careem are doing very nicely with some taking home after expenses but before tax 85,000 rupees each month. Careem, for example, was paying at the time the artlcle noted below was published, 10,000 rupees bonus for drivers who made 60 trips per week. Easy, said one driver. And that's why, it is said, some drivers earn more than many bankers.



Malaysia's egg price confusion

Shoppers in Malaysia are moaning, saying that egg farmers are profiteering. Not so, says the government: in fact, it says, producers are going out of business because the price of feed has gone up so much that increases in egg prices have not kept pace.

And yet, in February this year, "Chicken eggs producer LTKM Bhd's net profit for the third quarter ended Dec 31, 2016 (3QFY17) stood at RM2.04 million or 1.57 sen per share, down 53% from the RM4.35 million or 3.34 sen per share it registered a year ago, mainly due to lower egg prices."

Apparently, there's an idea that, if chicken farmers can't produce enough eggs to meet demand, Malaysia might start to import eggs.



Pakistan's concern over chicken meds

We would not normally cut and paste something without comment but this, from DAWN, a Pakistani newspaper stands up on its own.

"The Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology on Friday expressed its concern over the low standard of milk, water and poultry farms in the country.

"Injections and antibiotics are used to increase the weight of chickens at poultry farms, director general of Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) told the committee during the briefing.

Feed for the chickens are manufactured at factories which do not have the license to do so and provincial governments do not allow the authorities to run checks for these licenses, the director general added."

So that means contaminated eggs, it is logical to assume and Pakistan and Malaysia have close ties.