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Australia's same-sex "marriage" "vote" in the media

Australia is losing its sense of humour and the culprit is the "survey" over the introduction of so-called "same-sex marriage."

The irony is that Aussies are the most laid back people and really do not care about same sex unions - but they are, it seems, in a tizz because the alphabet soup that is non-heterosxual and happy to be so insists on using the term "marriage" Being Aussies, some surveys say that as many as 70% of Australians support same-sex "marriage" - but far less say they can be arsed to take part in the coming postal survey which is entirely voluntary.

There is a media onslaught in which those who are determined to press for a "yes" vote are winning the battle for coverage, some of which is frankly un-Australian. The media battle is very one-sides with headlines promoting the "yes" vote and remarkably little coverage for those who have contrary views or, even, are - in a very Australian way - happy for anyone to have a fair go so long as they don't make a fuss about it.

The Age and related newspapers have reported that a handful of envelopes containing postal votes have been found dumped: "some had been eaten by snails," said the woman who found seventeen of them. She happens to be in a same sex relationship and is reported to have two children. Odd that the envelopes should have been found in her garden.


and this report says another ten were found


Some people allege that their envelopes had been "stolen" from their letterboxes.


Prime Minister Turnbull says no means no.

Whether it's some form of aversion therapy isn't clear but Malcolm Turnbull, who is currently sitting as Prime Minister in the turmoil of Australian politics that is rivalled only by Italy, says that if the postal survey returns a "no" vote, then the subject will be dropped for the rest of the current Parliament. But he might not manage that, as this article explains



Near ridicule of a "no" campaigner

Karina Okotel is the federal Liberal party vice president and if anyone is has the right to claim to be a genuine liberal, it's her and she has long made a point about the rights of sexual minorities. But she disagrees with the use of the term "marriage." She says that same sex couples should have rights that equate to heterosexual couples but the "marriage" is for the purpose of a man and a woman to be joined with the purpose of having children together. Many Christians agree that there is no justification for discrimination against same-sex couples but that the word "marriage" is a term that should be reserved as it is used in religious texts and, especially, religious marriage ceremonies.


Tony Abbot, who is, currently, not Australia's Prime Minister, says that the definition of marriage should not be expanded. Again, the media ridicules him for that view.



Where have all those strong Aussies gone?

One of the most enduring images of Australians is their stoicism and their ability to handle whatever is thrown at them. So how come that this week there is an apparent crisis in the mental health industry where those supporting a "yes" vote are, apparently, suffering extreme stress and seeking assistance in ever increasing numbers.

"The Turnbull government must take responsibility and invest more in frontline mental health services struggling with surging demand as a result of the same-sex marriage postal survey, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says. A range of mental health groups are in urgent talks this week to develop a strategy to meet the increased demand, with fears the situation will worsen as the postal survey campaign continues for another two months." That's from The Age in a story that includes a report that sexual minorities are to be the recipients of specific money for mental health services, raising the question as to why such "community specific" services are appropriate.