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FBI says three quarters of its money laundering cases involve digital currencies.

A story with a headline that makes one question whether it's fake news turns out to be a carefully considered review of a snippet of information and it's not what the simplistic headline suggests. Moreover, it raises valid concerns as to the allocation of resources at the USA's FBI and whether it has become obsessed with fashion.



China creates law about national anthem use, similar to USA's laws

"It is now illegal to use the national anthem during funerals, "inappropriate" private occasions, commercials or as background music in public places." But it must be used in a far longer list. Like the USA, China already has laws relating to e.g. "flag ceremonies." Like the USA, the new law appears to ban e.g. "knee protests."



USA government's latest mess: public aircraft, private use

On Friday, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned after it came to light he had used a government aircraft for a private trip at a cost of more than USD60,000. He's not the only one: U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has used a government aircraft for a personal trip to Kentucky, with his family, to see the recent solar eclipse. He says he also met with business leaders and that the use was approved by "The White House" which sounds a bit nebulous. The Treasury says it was official government business. But the outcry started when his wife boasted about the trip and published a long list of "designer brands" she was wearing / carrying.



Opening a restaurant or bar in Japan

You have to feel for this guy: he started a restaurant in March 2015 and just three years later the building was torn down for redevelopment. Well, we seem to remember something similar happening to McDonalds in Beijing. Here he lists man pitfalls that can lead to the failure of a food business in Japan. It's the first of a series so start it now and bookmark or diary it.



Korea: Domestic violence increases at traditional holidays

Koreans reportedly suffer increased stress at e.g. Chinese New Year or Chusoek

That, the authorities say, leads to increased domestic violence, usually in the late evening, especially if alcohol is involved.