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Man in the microwave

Remember, when microwave ovens were new(ish) on the mass market, the woman who successfully sued the manufacturer of one such device because they did not include a warning not to put live animals into them? She (American, almost inevitably) did, and it exploded, and she won her suit.

Well, in the UK's Black Country, people can be pretty stupid, too and, in this case, it's unlikely that the idiot concerned will find a court to support him if he decides to sue.

He and his mates ... oh, we can't even type it, it's so incredibly dumb. Just read this from the BBC



"I don't like men" comment causes protest

Time to turn up the heat on the snowflakes? A politician made uncomfortable by being touched by another (male) politician got fed up and told him to stop it. Now people are complaining that his near-#metoo moment was itself inappropriate. Apparently, women can complain about inappropriate touching but a man cannot. Grow up, people.



The Hunt for Stockton Street

California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra has issued a statement about the "Takedown" of "Stockton Street Gangs" demonstrating the confusion that the American habit of using capital letters in the titles of press releases, article headlines, etc. causes. It's street gangs in Stockton, not gangs in Stockton Street, for those who are interested. And, it's both interesting and important. Highlights: "arrest of 47 individuals; seizure of 35 firearms, and 10 of them were assault rifles; nearly USD44,000 in currency; and the seizure of 34 pounds of marijuana, 2 pounds of methamphetamine and 2 pounds of cocaine." The action "targeted criminal activities by members of the MOB, Flyboys, East Coast Crips, Conway Gangsters, Sierra Vista
Project and Glock Team gangs."



California Burning

With the news that all firefighting aircraft in the continental USA have been sent to California to try to contain the fires raging across a wide area, including according to some reports, metropolitan Los Angeles, this resource is often overlooked.


It's a map showing, more or less up to date, of reported fires. Trump is too busy starting fires in the Middle East to notice what's going on in his own back yard but if he did pay attention, he'd no doubt call it "yuge." And it is: California is a massive land area and a relatively small proportion of it is still a vast tract of land.

And as the fires start to encroach on internationally known districts - Bel Air and Brentwood - videos are beginning to appear. No CGI, no special effects, but as bad as anything Hollywood can throw up.



Pop up and make me smile in an Airbnb

It's almost funny. No, actually, when you live in a block of flats where someone is advertising the building your home is in as a short term rental, it isn't funny at all. Let's be clear: the "guests" who turn up often have no regard for the community into which they are dropped. Airbnb rentals all the regulatory systems that apply to hotels including registration of visitors and, even, tourist taxes. Those who make all or part of their living from renting out property are happy. It's not news that some of them are now being accused of "causing, suffering or permitting" their property to be used for immoral purposes including prostitution. In today's buzzword-driven world, they talk of "pop-up brothels" but that's nonsense. What's really happening is that prostitutes have found that they can rent a multi-bedroom flat for less than a single night at a decent hotel - and no one asks anything about them or their visitors. And, like all illicit businesses, they follow the line of least resistance. So why is it in the news now? UK MPs have decided to investigate - like they don't already know where to go.



The UK has one of the world's highest rates of acid attacks

No comment, just a recommendation to read this