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The Financial Crime Forum - Financial Crime in the Metaverse / Finding, Seizing assets from Kleptocrats

World Money Laundering Report is proud to be Official Media for The Financial Crime Forum.

The Financial Crime Forum's next event will be online on 6 December 2022 at 13:00 GMT

"Financial Crime in the Metaverse" will examine high-level topics and specific risks.

The Forum hosts a mix of speakers drawn from practitioners, academics and speakers from governments in a unique format.

The Forum has a mission to educate not to replicate; to bring new thinking and dimensions not to reinforce that which delegates have already heard.

The Metaverse creates an unrivalled immersive environment in which criminals can flourish. From terrorist financing to recruiting victims to use their bank accounts for money laundering (so-called "money mules"), from man-in-the-middle business scams to job and dating fraud, from on-line sexual abuse to human trafficking, from the sale of counterfeit goods to the sale of valueless electronic items such as NFTs. All the fears that the world wide web would have many dark and dangerous places, already a reality, have come to reach a stage of sophistication that determining the difference between the real and the unreal requires a state of awareness that the technology is specifically designed to suppress.

Financial Crime in the Metaverse will elevate the awareness of risk that a company's staff and customers face - and risks that companies face through impersonation of their brands.

For full information and booking, see www.financialcrimeforum.com

Readers of World Money Laundering Report are entitled to a discount of 15% with the code WMLR for each ticket for The Financial Crime Forum.

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