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An old name returns, demonstrating cycles of criminal activity

Those with long memories will remember the well-worn name of Andre Coker. It's been used in a variety of spam-scams but, at least insofar as it's reached us, been unused for some time. But it's back and Andre is a woman now.

"Mrs Andre Coker" says "GREETINGS," complete with capital letters.

She's not a well woman: after her husband died she has found herself suffering from terminal cancer and she wants to use their accumulated wealth for good.

So, if I'll agree to accept 25% of the total sum as compensation for the work she would like me to do, she'll send me 32 million dollars that she and her husband have stashed in "a financial house in Turkey."

Turkey... that's new: the previous Coker scams, if we recall correctly, were linked to former British colonies in Africa or to India. No matter: it's all made up anyway.

" I want you to use 30% of the fund to build orphanage homes while 20% goes to Cancer research program's and then donate 25% to institutions housing elderly and retired persons who bore no children in their lifetime just like I and my late husband."

Aw. poor dear. What a sad and lonely life she leads.

She writes from a pirated e-mail address at awa@nike.eonet.ne.jp and seeks replies to that well established receiver of replies to fraudulent e-mails, Google's gmail.

You can help her, or frustrate the fraudster, by writing to mrs.andrecoker@gmail.com.

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