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We're moving....

After about ten years as part of PleaseBeInformed.com, World Money Laundering Report is packing up and moving out.

It's going to take a while to migrate all our content from PleaseBeInformed.com to our new dedicated website. So for now, this site will contain the archives since we moved in.

We've been lucky to be part of such a great idea, to bring together a virtual magazine shop with diverse interests represented. And we thank those we've worked with. The good news is that we're still part of the same company so we'll not become strangers. It's just that World Money Laundering Report's interests are now more aligned with financialcrimeriskandcompliancetraining.com and The Financial Crime Forum at financialcrimeforum.com.

So, now when you select www.worldmoneylaunderingreport... in your browser it won't come here: it will go to the new site.

Go on, try it. You know you want to :)

We leave behind ChiefOfficers.net and BankingInsuranceSecurities.com which have been two sides of a triangle.

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