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Criminals want you to be their victim. They also want you to commit crimes for them.

This pocket money e-learning course will help teenagers and young adults to identify and avoid these risks.

Written by one of the world's leading experts in financial crime risk and compliance, it's a vital tool in the armoury of young people, their parents, schools and workplaces.

It's taken far longer than expected but today our parent company, Vortex Centrum Limited launches the long awaited total rebuild of its financial crime e-learning platform.

Call it Quicktolearnmore.com, antimoneylaunderingtraining.com or financialcrimeriskandcompliancetraining.com, it all ends up at the same place. The old names still work but there's a new brand and a new approach.

PleaseBeInformed.com, published by Vortex Centrum Limited, publishers, UK, part of The Anti Money Laundering Network group of companies announces the next stage in the fight against the use of crypto-currencies such as bitcoin for criminal purposes. It is simple, elegant and provides information, in near real-time, of criminal activities using crypto-asset "wallets." Best of all, in harnesses the power of the internet to crowd-source that information and to make it available to law enforcement, transaction exchanges and, of course, possible future victims.

We're delighted to say that the very first issue of World Money Laundering Report is now available to subscribers to the Financial Crime Group of publications.

It's taken us a long time to bring GlobalKYC.com to you. It's been through many gestations, many tests and many arguments as to its commercial aspects. Now it's here and it's ultra-simple to use for both those posting notices and those reading. And better still, posting notices is at no additional cost for site licence holders of World Money Laundering Report and it's free to register to read.

Now, for the first time ever, there is a global register of asset freezing, seizing and confiscation orders as well as orders to arrest ships and aircraft.

As we get ever closer to the launch of a new service under the GlobalKYC.com banner, we have today added six new domains to help users navigate directly to the relevant sections.

Did you know that you can get updates from important sanctions and regulatory lists here?

Well, you can.

Additional Access granted to subscribers and site licence holders to World Money Laundering Report

In the world of financial crime, to which so many of our readers have a connection, a "watch list" is a list of "entities" (people, companies, associations or even things) that are the subjects of warning notices or sanctions, for example.

But we think it's funny to have our own watchlist. Anyone who has not signed up for one of the various membership schemes can sign up to get an e-mail from time to time.

Here are the principles:

You'd think, wouldn't you, that it's easy just sitting at a desk, tapping away at a keyboard while millions of people wait with bated breath for the next piece of outstanding writing that will make them so happy that they will forget all that's wrong with the world. Well, it really isn't like that. Take this week in our offices, for example...

You know those awful advertorial filled links boxes drawing you in to stuff you'd never want to read if there wasn't an effective teaser? Well, we're doing something different.

No one likes their screen to be cluttered with ads. But if we didn't show ads, and if people like you never clicked on them, we wouldn't be able to pay the bills that allow us to create your enjoyment of this site. But there is a way around it...