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Yesterday was Thaipusam and the threat by some radical Malaysian Hindus to spray paint women that they claimed were "indecently dressed" not only came to nothing but resulted in one of the most wonderful ripostes to fundamentalism. How cool would it be if all such threats could be met with such grace, humour and a total slapping down of hard liners, however they choose to curtail the reasonable freedoms of others.



A Federal Court has denied Donald Trump, as sitting president, a stay on the order suspending his travel ban that prejudices those from predominantly Muslim countries (but not, it has to be said, only Muslims from those countries).

There are two documents to read: the first is the motion for the stay


The second is the judgment handed down on that application last night


Result? it's summed up in a Judge Judy word, right at the end.



We wanted to find out what was behind the many reports that Goldman Sachs was warning of a looming trade war between the USA and China, and the story that the bank has moved a hedge fund from London to New York, closing a London office. So we searched and all we got was news media. But we wanted the source so we went to GoldmanSachs.com. All we got was videos and podcasts. We don't have time to sit through those. We want unvarnished, clear, written information so we can report it properly. So nothing here from Goldman's then.

But there is something from the BBC which did get some clarification. The London closure has nothing to do with the UK leaving the EU and everything to do with the fact that the investment fund manager had left and GS decided not to replace him in London and order its people home.



Here's a story where, first, we had to read the headline twice (or more) and then read the article carefully. It's not that there's anything wrong, it's just that it's not something we normally read about and our preconceptions as to what we were going to read turned out to be wrong. It's actually quite important. A lesson in paying attention: "Asia Dry Bulk-Capesize rates could diverge on weather, cargo volumes"



Talking of weather, while the world's media is largely fascinated by Trump's latest tweet, or whatever, there are some serious things in the news.

Earlier this week : Afghanistan and Pakistan avalanches kill more than 100

Then this morning: Seven killed in Bali village landslide in Indonesia

and: Race to save 100 stranded whales on New Zealand beach
300 or so have already died since they beached themselves last night.