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It was only a matter of time. After the insanity of people shining laser pointers into the flight decks of aircraft on approach, now there has been an incident of the type usually called an "air miss," that's when two aircraft come within the defined safe separation limits. On this occasion, a FlyBe aircraft on approach to Southampton Airport in the south of England, reported that a drone had flown within 100 feet of the landing plane. The official word is that there was "no direct risk to the aircraft or passengers." Who knows what would happen if one of the devices was sucked into an engine at a critical time?



South Korea is to give back to North Korea five fishermen rescued when their craft ran into difficulties. South Korea has a department called "The Reunification Ministry" which is supposed to encourage the idea of NoKo and SoKo getting along, even if they don't expect to return to being one country. But SoKO has been having problems, media says: it's asked NoKo twice to agree arrangements to return the men who, it is assumed, do not want to defect. But NoKo hasn't responded.



The mass murder at an Islamic shrine in Sehwah, Pakistan is causing a division: the attack has been claimed by Da'esh (ISIS, ISIL, and so on). Da'esh is nominally Sunni Muslim, the sect that makes up the vast majority of Muslims. Hard-line Sunnis take the view that all other sects are heretics (and to be fair, Shi'a take a similar view). The shrine is a Suffi shrine: Suffism combines Islam with mysticism. Also, hard liners say, the fact that Sufis sing and dance during religious activities is heretical. What is noticeable is that world leaders and leaders of other religions have all made rapid, forceful statements condemning the attack, but there has been at best muted criticism from the leaders of Sunni countries, some of which actually outlaw the practice of Suffism. Significantly, Indonesia which is having its own internal battles with fundamentalism within Sunni Islam, was quick to issue a statement of condemnation and support. Pakistani leaders, many of whom are Sunni Muslims also issued statements of condemnation and support.