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Gotta love Uber. Without them, the only thing in the media would be Trump.

It really is a source of constant amusement and inches (column, not because it's CEO is a big pr*** - but that, too.)

But hang on: a driver claims he has lost USD97,000 because Uber reduced the dollars-per-mile rate? Seriously? How much to these semi-pirate taxi drivers earn compared to those that are properly trained?



Talking of artificial intelligence (we were, in a very oblique way) a story about Google Maps is shocking but, if we had all thought about it, not at all surprising. We all know that software that gives us directions that avoid toll roads, traffic jams and even police cameras but tragically, as it turns out, it doesn't help us avoid trouble spots. When two tourists asked for directions to a tourist site in Rio, they were taken through a favela, district that even the brave fear to tread. Two couples have been shot while passing through one of Rio's notorious crime-ridden slums that are an integral part of the city.



Here's a good reason not to have really, really long tags in your website domain name. THe Times of North West Indiana (which amusingly has something that looks very like The Times' own masthead print above its stylised "nwi.com" logo that is way, way, too fussy) has a long tag line that is so tedious, it's easy to stop reading after a while, so that what readers actually get is "The Times of Northwest Indiana - the source for crime." There's more but life's too short to carry on :)

But there is an actual story: a man is charged with beating up his pregnant girlfriend: of itself horrible but not so unusual as to be newsworthy. What is interesting is that she was in the first few weeks of pregnancy and was expecting (old word, "hoping for" is probably more accurate) quadruplets. Three of the four spontaneously aborted following the attack, it is alleged. The fourth is in poor condition, it is reported. If the allegations are true, that takes a special kind of nastiness.



South Africa is taking a hard line against foreigners committing crime. 97 deportees this week were all Nigerian. There are several accused of involvement in human trafficking.



If accountancy company PWC's hilarious cock up at the Oscars was not reason enough to point out that the whole awards thing is ridiculous, the USA's State Department compounded it, according to a report by Reuters saying "U.S. State Department tweets, then deletes congratulations for Iran Oscar win."

What was it Trump said in his speech last night? Oh, yes: " The time for trivial fights is behind us" and ""America today is friends with former enemies... Hopefully the 250th anniversary of the USA, will see a world that is more peaceful, more just and more free."

This column is so much fun to do!



In Mexico, the tax authorities (SAT) have frozen assets of Antonio Tarek Abdala Saad alleging that he has failed to pay fines amounting to 19.7 million pesos. He is a former Treasurer of the Veracruz district. He's an official in former governor Duerte's administration and there is a related investigation over "diverted" 23,156 million pesos from the healthcare budget. It's a bizarre accusation because the money was, it seems, used for various other social measures.