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Alert: Dangerous spam-scam using Scotia Bank secure e-mail as cover

Editorial Staff

A form of scam spam has come to our notice this morning. It is unusually convincing and clever.

It purports to come from Scotia Bank's secure e-mail service but, obviously, it does not.

Details below.

Purportedly from: Secure.eMail@scotiabanksecure. com
Subject: Secure e-mail communication
Received from scotiabanksecure.com

The e-mail is in html format which is inherently suspicious for any mail purporting to be secure. HTML email is fundamentally insecure and an invitation to fraudsters.

The body says

This Secure Email was sent to: nigelmc@vortexcentrum.com
Secure Email Service
Scotia Secure Email Logo
Secure mail waiting: (Secure)
Scotiabank has sent you a secure, encrypted e-mail message. To view this e-mail, please visit "Scotiabank Secure Email Service" or check attach file. For further information on how to use this service please reffer to "the Secure Email User Guide".
The email you receive from Scotiabank, including any attachments, may contain confidential and/or privileged information for the intended recipient(s) only and the sender does not waive any related legal rights or privilege. Any use or disclosure of the information by an unintended recipient is unauthorized and prohibited. If you have received an email message in error, please delete the entire message, including attachments if any, and inform us by return email.

However, the link to access the mail in the secure system is absent, even in the html version which we have inspected. This means that, if a secure mail did exist, it could not be accessed.

The object of the spam/scam is to encourage the opening of the attachment which is in Microsoft Word format, or at least has a Microsoft Word .doc extension. We have not inspected that file and have deleted it unopened.