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Is this the best reasoned explanation of "brexit" yet?

Editorial Staff

Sir Ivan Rogers was a senior UK representative to the EU. There aren't many who know more about the relationships, legal and political between the various parts of the EU and the EU and non-members which, as he points out in this forthright lecture, the UK has decided to be.

Get a cup of coffee and a handful of biscuits and set aside around 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to read and think about this.

Sadly (sorry about the clickbaity approach but it's the way our site is set up: we can't just post a link like a social media thingy).

For reasons of copyright, we cannot reproduce the lecture here although we would very much like to.

It is, genuinely, one of the most balanced pieces you will ever read about brexit past, present and future.

For context, the lecture was given in the week that the Commons vote for the deal was postponed, PM May survived a somewhat half-hearted leadership challenge and, although Rogers didn't know it, she was about to postpone it again for more than a month.


See also https://news.liverpool.ac.uk/2... -.
You can read the draft here: https://ec.europa.eu/commissio...

The following page is a useful resource, published by the EU, of documents relating to brexit

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